Nisargamitra Panvel's 2023-24 membership registration is now open!


Membership form for FY 2023-24

Trekking, Hiking, Nature Education & Conservation

Registration No. 63/1994 & F 1842 (Raigad)

Anand Nagar, Panvel Dist.- Raigad Maharashtra 410206

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Membership Rules

1. Membership is available to anyone 10 years of age or older.

2. I will help to maintain natural and environmental balance.

3. I will reduce the use of plastic.

4. I will not smoke or drink during an organizational program such as meeting, hiking or any other outdoor activity.

5. I will not misbehave during an organizational program.

6. I will strictly follow all the instructions of the group head.

7. I will personally attend all the events of the organization.

8. I understand that I will not have any voting rights in any organizational meeting or decision.

9. I will agree with the decision of organization about membership acceptance or rejection.

I will not hold "Nisarga Mitra, Panvel" responsible for the any accident that took place during the activities of organization.

Payment Details, Membership Fee : INR 50 *

UPI : nisargamitrapanvel@ybl

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Thank You!

Your submission has been received. We are reviewing your registration and payment details. Your membership will be confimrd by 15th May 2023 on email subject to payment credit confirmation from bank.

The membership will be Valid till 31st March 2024.