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Nisargamitra Panvel

Nisarga Mitra Panvel is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1986 and registered under the State Government Registration Act in 1994. Located in Panvel, District Raigad, Maharashtra. The organization is built on four pillars: trekking, hiking, nature education, and nature conservation. Nisarga Mitra has been a non-profit voluntary organization since its inception. The organization was founded by five dedicated individuals, including Mr. Dhananjay Madan, Mr. Shekhar Tare, Mr. Rajan Tare, Mr. Rajesh Gadkari, and Mr. Sachin Singhasane, who shared a passion for nature and the environment.

Over the years, Nisarga Mitra has undertaken various projects and initiatives, including a widespread project on Water Management and Conservation Awareness, A Portfolio of Panvel, Tree Counting in Panvel City, and A Mangrove Conservation Project in collaboration with the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) & Save Gadhi River Project. The organization has also played an important role in cultivating a love for nature among young people through its annual nature camps, which include activities such as nature trails, bird watching, slide shows, and first aid training. Nisarga Mitra has also been instrumental in creating awareness about special days like World Environment Day, World Wetlands Day, Vasundhara Divas, and Wildlife Week through various activities.

Nisarga Mitra has been a pioneer in the field of trekking, hiking, cycling, adventure activities, and rock climbing in the state of Maharashtra. The organization conducts treks, adventure activities, cycling rides, and rock-climbing expeditions throughout the year for adventure enthusiasts. Nisarga Mitra celebrates special occasions in a unique way, such as an all-women trek for International Women's Day and waterfall rappelling, and off-road cycling rides during monsoons.

Trekking and adventure activities come with risks, and with risks come responsibilities. Nisarga Mitra has played an important role in search and rescue operations for accidents happening in the mountains. The Nisarga Mitra Rescue Team has been called upon on many such occasions for help by individuals, other organizations, and government bodies such as Police & Fire Brigade. The members of the rescue team have risked their lives to help the victims of accidents during such times. Nisarga Mitra has received bravery awards, and accolades from Government bodies, Media Houses for its unparalleled work in this field.

Nisarga Mitra always welcomes individuals to become part of the organization, to share their passion for nature, and to work towards nature conservation and adventure activities.




Nisarga Mitra conducts regular hikes to various scenic locations in the region. These hikes provide an opportunity to explore the beauty of nature while also promoting physical fitness. The hikes range from easy walks to challenging treks and are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.


Adventure Activity

A range of adventure activities like Rappelling, Rock Climbing, and Valley Crossing are organized. These activities are conducted under the supervision of trained professionals and are designed to challenge and thrill participants. Nisarga Mitra ensures the highest level of safety for all adventure activities.



Nisarga Mitra Panvel conducts cycling rides for adventure enthusiasts. These rides provide an opportunity to explore the beauty of the region on two wheels while also promoting eco-friendly transportation. The cycling rides organized by Nisarga Mitra range from short day trips to longer multi-day tours.


Nature Conservation

Nisargamitra Panvel is dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural environment of the region. Through its efforts, the organization aims to promote awareness of the importance of conservation and encourage sustainable practices. Nisargamitra conducts various activities and initiatives aimed at conserving the natural habitat & is committed to preserving the natural beauty of the region for generations to come.


Fort Conservation

Nisarga Mitra Panvel works towards the conservation of historical forts in Maharashtra. The organization conducts regular treks and hikes to these forts and organizes clean-up drives and restoration work. Through their efforts, Nisarga Mitra aims to preserve these forts as a part of the region's cultural heritage.


Nature & Adventure Camps

Nisarga Mitra conducts nature and adventure camps for children and youth to instill a love for nature and adventure. These camps provide a safe and engaging environment for children to explore the outdoors and learn about nature. The activities at the camps include bird watching, snake shows, slide shows, first aid training, adventure activities & more.