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Forts of Maharashtra

Ajinkyatara Fort is located in Satara District, Maharashtra, India. The fort is about 3300 feet above sea level, and The fort is an easy grade level trek. This fort is one of the most important Forts in Satara. Ajinkyatara Killa is also known as the

Ajinkyatara Fort was constructed around the twelfth century CE by the Shilahara King Bhoj II. It is situated on one of the slopes encompassing Satara city and was once the capital of the Maratha domain.

Satara is famous for the Kaas Plateau, Thoseghar, and a lot of natural sites present in the vicinity of the city. Kass Plateau has been awarded as a UNESCO's World Heritage Site (WHS). In the monsoon months, the Kaas Pathar, as it is locally known, transforms into a wildflower wonderland.


Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a popular destination for hikers in Panvel taluka of Raigad district. The sanctuary was established in 1968 and initially covered an area of ​​4.45 Later its area was increased further. The sanctuary is home to more than 222 bird species, out of which 46 are winter migratory species, eight species that are endemic to the Western Ghats which are Nilgiri Woodpigeon, Grey-fronted Green Pigeon, Malabar Parakeet, Malabar Gray Hornbill, White-cheeked Barbet, There are Malabar Larks, Small Sunbirds and Vigor's Sunbirds. With a river nearby, hills all around, a well-scheduled trek, and abundant wildlife, it is an ideal destination for nature lovers.

By Road:- You can also choose the road route to reach the bird sanctuary, you can easily take auto, bus or rickshaw to the sanctuary.

By Air:- The nearest airport to the bird sanctuary is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport which is at a distance of 33 km. From here you can easily book a cab to reach the sanctuary.

By Rail:- The nearest railway station to the Bird Sanctuary is Panvel, which is only 12 km away, and can be easily reached by taking an auto.


The difficulty level of this trek is MODERATE, however this is an Endurance based trek. This means the ease of climbing up to the summit is Moderate, however the duration of the trek is long. Participants must be mentally ready to walk for a few hours. Uphill is approx 4 hours of trekking while downhill is shorter.

History. The Prabalgad Fort was built by the Bahmani Sultanate to keep an eye on the Panvel Fort and the Kalyan Fort in the North Konkan area. Around 1458 A.D, "Malik Ahmad" the prime minister of the kingdom of Ahmednagar, took over the fort during his conquest of Konkan.